A student requesting relief relating to a specific course(s) (with respect to a mark, grade, appropriateness of assignment or examination, or grading practices) must proceed in the following order:

  1. Course instructor (informal consultation)
  2. Department Chair (submission of written request)
  3. Faculty Dean (submission of written request)

Before proceeding, you may want to discuss your case with the Office of the Ombudsperson – they are a great impartial resource and provide advice on fairness and the appeal process.

For non-medical appeals please follow this guide.

For medical appeals please follow this guide.
            Submission of Medical Documentation for Course Appeal Form

See the Western Calendar for more information, including deadlines, on Student Academic Appeals.

Appeals on other matters, not a specific course (e.g., waiver of a Senate regulation or requirement, appropriateness of general grading practices of a department), should be initiated in the office having immediate jurisdiction for the particular requirement or regulation in question. Students in doubt as to the appropriate level at which to initiate such requests should consult Academic Counselling through our Academic Counselling Help Portal or the Associate Dean of Science (