Common Course Policy

Common courses could exist if you are taking more than one module. The information below is for courses taken in modules within Science and/or Basic Medical Sciences. If you are taking a module in Science/BMSc and one in another faculty (i.e. Economics, Psychology), please consult the other faculty for information on common courses.

Students registered in the Faculty of Science and the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry (BMSc) may double-count a maximum of 1.0 common course toward two modules (a common course is a course that is mandatory in both modules). When two modules contain more than 1.0 common course, the additional common course(s) must be distributed between the two modules as evenly as possible and a substitute course(s) approved by the department offering the module must be taken to maintain the number of courses required in the module. 


  • the mark in a double-counted course is used in calculating the average for each module;
  • the 1.0 common course with the highest mark will be double-counted toward both modules if more than 1.0 common course exists;
  • approved substitute courses must meet the minimum mark requirement for the module/degree and are included in the average calculation for the module;
  • when a choice exists in a module, courses are not considered common unless and until all choice is exhausted. If one course must be selected from a list of courses, every course in the list must be taken before the course is considered to be common to both modules.

For an overview of the common course policy, please see our PDF Information Document and Form.