Why Data Science at Western?

Data science takes data and turns it into insights that are enlightening, novel and support important decision making. As data collection increases, there is a demand for data science in every discipline – business, finance, health care, sports and more.

The demand for data scientists and data literacy is growing. This skillset – the ability to handle, analyze and visualize data – is becoming essential.

Western’s Data Science programming empowers students to understand this emerging field through integrated and multi-disciplinary courses and programs to not only learn the principles, but apply it to a future career.

Undergraduate Programs in Data Science

A flexible set of courses and degree options. Become a Data Science specialist in the Honours specialization. Combine Data Science with any degree at Western with our flexible Certificate.

Masters of Data Analytics (MDA)

A one-year professional science master’s program that combines on-campus learning and experiential learning in industry, gaining necessary skills to enter into a data analytics career.

Collaborative Graduate Programs

Get a MSc or PhD in an interdisciplinary training environment. Get involved in state-of-the art research in data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence (AI). Work with applied research labs to solve real-world problems.

World-leading Research

Western’s research groups develop data science techniques to improve human health, understand the brain , model financial markets, and predict earthquakes.

"New opportunities -- including entire new classes of career -- are emerging. The most competitive contemporary organizations use a broad spectrum of data science tools everywhere from detailed tasks on the shop floor right through to strategic decisions in the boardroom. This programming is our commitment to empower our students to make good on these opportunities and contribute as 21st century citizens." - Mark Daley, the Special Advisor to the President on Data Strategy.