Data Science at Western offers four flexible undergraduate modules to suit your data science needs. Whether you want to become a data scientist, or just learn how to use it to advance your career in another discipline, there is a program for you!

Honours Specialization in Data Science

Become a specialist in Data Science with a deep foundation in the statistical, mathematical, and algorithmic foundations. Finish your degree with a fourth-year capstone project, working one-on-one with a Western faculty member. This program will give you the most concentrated background and deep knowledge of all areas of data science. To receive the Honours designation, you must maintain a 70% average and you must get at least a 60% in every required course.

For more information see Data Science Honours Specialization PDF and the Western Academic Calendar entry.

Major in Data Science

Get a solid foundation in the principles of Data Science, without the singular focus of a Honours Specialization This program covers all of the foundational elements of the discipline. It can be used as part of a Double Major degree or as a sole basis for a degree in Data Science.

For more information see Data Science Major PDF and the Western Academic Calendar entry.

Minor in Data Science

Combine a Data Science degree with another undergraduate degree (regardless of faculty), while still gaining a well-rounded technical knowledge base in data science.

For more information see Data Science Minor PDF and the Western Academic Calendar entry.

Certificate in Data Science

A great and flexible way to integrate a Data Science qualification into your degree. The Certificate is similar to a Minor in Data Science, but the reduced course requirements and broader admission criteria make this the module of choice for pairing with basically any other undergraduate degree at Western.

For more information see the Western Academic Calendar entry.


Do you have question about Data Science courses or programs? For any undergraduate matters, please submit a help request on our Data Science Counselling help portal.

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