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There is more data being produced than ever before. Data Scientists are in high demand on the job market with great career opportunities both in the private and public sector. If you are looking for an exciting, varied and future-oriented career, data science is the learning path for you.

At Western, we understand that data science is becoming an essential component in virtually every discipline. Therefore, we offer four flexible undergraduate degrees in Data Science: Honours Specialization 10.0 credits, one semester course is usually 0.5 credits), Major (7.0 credits), Minor (4.5 credits), and Certificate (3.0 credits).

Students looking to concentrate in data science should take the Major or Honours Specialization module and apply to the Faculty of Science using the OUAC Code: ES. Admission requirements can be found at the Faculty of Science.

Those who are looking to supplement their studies with data science should take the Minor or Certificate modules. Admission requirements will be based on the faculty in which your main academic program resides, however, students must have the pre-requisite course Calculus and Vectors (MCV4U).


Meet: Samantha Brotman

“In my second year, I took a data science course which ended up being my favourite course at Western. The teaching was incredible and it allowed me to apply my love for math and coding to any science area. I am working in a neuroscience lab – something I wouldn’t have been able to do without my data science background. I am so glad I took data science. If you are considering it, you won’t regret it!” - Samantha Brotman


Meet: Alexander Hemming

“Data science is used everywhere, which means studying in this field gives you a lot of opportunities for both research and employment.  It is really fantastic – you get to work with a lot of different people and do a lot of different things which allows you to determine what you enjoy. That’s probably the biggest thing for me. By combining a degree in data science and physics, the opportunities are endless.” - Alexander Hemming

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