Why Data Science at Western?

The Data Science programs at Western have been designed from the ground up with contributions from Computer Science, Statistical and Actuarial Sciences, Mathematics, Engineering, and the Faculties of Social, Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry, and Health Sciences, and Information and Media Science. The offerings are aimed at training multidisciplinary professionals who can tackle complex data-driven problems, generate actionable insights from the data, and communicate these results effectively. Whatever your background, the data science courses at Western will provide you with the skill set that will help you succeed in your future career.

Distinguishing Features

Flexible Degree Options

We offer a set of flexible degree options that make it possible to combine a Data Science degree with virtually any other program on campus.

For more information regarding different degree pathways see here.

Interdisciplinary Training

Data science at Western is taught by faculty from many different backgrounds, including Computer Science, Statistics, Mathematics, and applied fields.

Learn about applications of data science in medicine, finance, geography, health science, and social science from the experts.

Skill Development

Courses in the Data Science program focus on what you can do with the knowledge you acquire. Practical labs, assignments, and project work are core to our courses.

Gain valuable, paid career experience during your time at Western through the Science Internship Program.


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