Research Priorities

Western Science is one of three foundational areas of research and training at Western. With more than 130 years of research experience, Western Science has developed a substantial research enterprise and has significantly contributed to the research-intensive profile that Western University enjoys today.

Our community endeavours to address the scientific, societal and economic challenges facing humanity this century with the support of industry and government and in collaboration with other educational institutions across the globe. It is through such collaborations and the development of the next generation of scholarly leaders that Western will continue to offer major contributions to the advancement of scientific knowledge.

Western Science is focused on advancing three main areas of research:

Sustainability and the Environment

How society manages climate change will define the twenty-first century. Sustainability and the Environment research drives the quest for understanding and the delivery of solutions through, for example, the active development of climate models, resource management, and monitoring of ecological shifts.

Science of Information

Science of Information research addresses questions associated with big data. Through computational and mathematical modelling, Western Science provides leadership in a world dependent on complex, computation-heavy challenges.

Materials and Biomaterials

The answers we seek as a society are dependant on the tools we use to address the questions we face. Materials and Biomaterials research at Western Science is pushing the limits of design and challenging the status quo.