Internship Program

The Science Internship Program is Western’s cooperative education opportunity for undergraduate Science students. It allows qualified Western University Science students to work in paid, full-time internships at a senior point in their academic studies. Under the Science Internship Program students work for 8 to 16 months before returning to Western University to complete the final year of a 4-year undergraduate Science degree.

Discover Our Interns

Western Science students have diverse academic backgrounds that span a wide range of topics and specializations. Discover the many positions our interns can fill given their disciplinary knowledge and skill sets. Feel free to contact us  and we will make sure that your position is advertised to all potential candidates. 


Financial analysts, systems analysts, cryptologists, operations research, and information security.

< Mathematics


Financial modellers and managers, actuaries, marketing, data analysts, statisticians, and bioinformatics.

Statistics, Actuaries, Data Science


Database administrators, software engineers, programmer analysts, game developers, and network administrator.

Computer Science


Laboratory technicians, environmental consultants, environmental monitors, and sustainability researchers.

Environmental Science


Health care administrators, laboratory technicians, biotechnologists, microbiologists, and geneticists.

Biological Science


Pharmacy technicians, audiologists, physiotherapists, health care administrators, optometrists, and nursing.

Medical Sciences


Resource exploration and development, satellite and land-based image analysis, water management and remediation, and natural hazards research.

Earth Sciences


Industrial scientists, radiation oncologist, medical imaging physicists, data scientists, and financial analysts.

Physics and Astronomy


Environmental chemists, laboratory technicians, quality control chemists, laboratory administrators, and technical sales and services.