Researcher and Lab Profiles

Research at Western Science covers a vast array of disciplines and features collaborations across seven science departments, with other faculties at Western as well as researchers spanning the nation and countries around the world to address complex global issues and engage in fundamental science

This section highlights research groups and outcomes, as well as offers general interest pieces that focus on individuals who fuel the Western Science research enterprise. These pieces share new insights into intricate questions, introduce you, the reader, to research lab personnel including faculty, research assistants, post-doctoral fellows, graduate, and undergraduate students as well as some of the technologies they use to carry out their scientific investigations.

Take a few minutes to find out about the people, technologies, and study outcomes that help science take the next steps toward understanding and being able to act on societal challenges.



TK Sham - Chemistry

Synchrotron Stories.

Lijia Liu - Chemistry

Coming home as a faculty member.

Space Science

Pauline Barmby - Physics and Astronomy

Cosmic Observer and Interpreter.

Peter Brown - Physics and Astronomy

Meteor Musings.

Jan Cami - Physics and Astronomy

Diving into other worlds.

Margaret Campbell-Brown - Physics and Astronomy

Origins of Meteoroids.

Roberta Flemming - Earth Sciences

Minerals and Meteorites

Sarah Gallagher - Physics and Astronomy

Black Hole Growth and Winds

Catherine Neish - Earth Sciences

The Impact of Radar Observation

Els Peeters - Physics and Astronomy

Eyes on the Sky

Olga Trichtchenko - Physics and Astronomy

Fluid modelling and musical muses.

Francsesca Vidotto - Applied Mathematics

Women exploring the final frontier.

Environment and Climate

Danielle Way - Biology

The language of trees.

Multi-Hazard Risk and Analytics

Smart Systems and Computational Applications

Lyle Muller - Applied Math

Computational Models and Cognition.

Life Sciences and Health


Moehring Lab - Biology

Discover Moehring's mates.

Wild Lab - Applied Mathematics

A harmonious marriage: evolutionary biology and applied mathematics.

Brown Lab - Physics and Astronomy