Academic Programs

Academic Programs for Graduate Students, Student at Computer Desk

Western Science offers graduate training in a number of top-calibre master's and doctoral programs that offer students access to world-class research infrastructure to address the big questions facing the scientific community. Home to the largest number of Industrial Research Chairs within a faculty of science at a Canadian university, we are committed to providing students with an enriched research and training environment to help launch their professional careers.

The requirements, timing and procedures to apply for MSc and PhD programs within the Faculty of Science vary for each Department. We encourage you to explore each departmental website for more information.


The Department of Biology's graduate program covers research in ecology and evolution, molecular and cellular biology, and physiology and biochemistry.

Visit the Biology website for more information.


The Department of Chemistry's graduate program covers research in chemical biology and biomaterials; synthesis, catalysis, and molecular materials; materials; and theory & computation.

Visit the Chemistry website for more information.

Computer Science

The Department of Computer Science's graduate program covers research in AI & games, bioinformatics, computer algebra, distributed systems, HCI & SE, theoretical CS, and graphics & vision.

Visit the Computer Science website for more information.

Earth Sciences

The Department of Earth Sciences offers graduate programs in geology, geophysics, geochemistry and environmental geoscience.

Visit the Earth Sciences website for more information.


The Department of Mathematics' graduate program covers research in contemporary mathematics including algebraic groups and monoids, algebraic stacks, algebraic combinatorics, combinatorial algebra, derived categories, Galois cohomology and quadratic forms, motivic homotopy theory, applications of homotopy theory to computer science, quantum groups and Hopf algebras, toric varieties, noncommutative geometry, local analytic geometry, complex and CR-geometry, symplectic geometry and topology, harmonic analysis, singularity theory, and mathematical physics.

Visit the Mathematics website for more information.

Physics and Astronomy

The Department of Physics and Astronomy's graduate program covers research in astronomy, condensed matter physics, medical physics, and planetary science.

Visit the Physics and Astronomy website for more information.

Statistical and Actuarial Science

The Department of Statistical and Actuarial Science's graduate program covers research in statistical theory, actuarial science, financial modelling, and biostatics.

Visit the Statistical and Actuarial Science website for more information.

For more information about graduate studies at Western, please visit the School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies .