Study Trip to Oaxaca, Mexico


Image: Street, Oaxaca, Raúl Manuel López Bajonero 


Winter Semester 2025

Study Trip to Oaxaca, Mexico

AH 2680G– Art History, with professor Alena Robin
SA 2680B – Photography, with Professor Kelly Wood

Register for the Information Session: July 24 at 2pm on Zoom

Do you want to travel and earn 1.0 credit? This Winter 2025 course offers in-class instruction with a one-week travel opportunity to Oaxaca during Reading Week.

This study trip is an exciting adventure in learning that combines of Art History and Photography instruction. Students will discover the rich cultural heritage of the city of Oaxaca, Mexico and its fascinating region. We will survey ancient to contemporary art through archeological sites such as Monte Alban, Mitla, and Yagul, impressive colonial monuments such as the ex-convent of Santo Domingo, and inspiring museums, such as the Museum of Oaxaca Painters and the Textile Museum. Furthermore, students will engage in creative photography production and basic to advanced digital photography post-production. Upon our return, students will collaborate with their peers to develop a final exhibition taking an active part in the intellectual and curatorial framework.

AH 2680F/G and SA 2680A/B are Co-requisites (you need to register for both courses at the same time).

Western tuitions fees apply.

Program fees (estimate) = $4,500, including flight, hotel, breakfasts in Oaxaca, 2 dinners in Oaxaca, ground transportation in Oaxaca, entry fees to museums and archeological sites, and other program fees.

While abroad, students will be responsible for the other meals, snacks, phone charges, souvenirs, and any other individual expenses.

Fundings opportunities are available through Western International


Application Process

  • To apply for for the winter 2025 semester, please fill out the Study Trip to Oaxaca, Mexico Application Form found below. 
  • Deadline for submission of the application is Thursday, August 1, 2024 by 11:45pm
  • The form will also require:
    • Explain your interest in the combined Art History & Studio Art courses, and travel experience to Oaxaca 
    • Your Unofficial Transcript from your Western Student Center. Instructions on how to produce your Unofficial Transcript on your Student Center are below.
      1. Click View and Order Documents tile
      2. Click View Unofficial Transcript on the left hand side
      3. Click "Submit" on the right hand side to generate a new Unofficial Transcript
    • A 1-page CV (resume) that outlines your employment and volunteer history along with any related experience.
    • Contact information for 2 referees
  • Interviews (10-15 minutes) will be performed shortly after the deadline.
  • Once approved, you will be able to register in the course. A $500 deposit will be asked at that moment.

Application Form




Image: Ethnobotanical Garden, Oaxaca, Raúl Manuel López Bajonero