Department of PhilosophyWestern Arts and Humanities

Helen Fielding


Associate Professor

Joint Appointment with Department of Women's Studies and Feminist Research
Twentieth-Century Continental Philosophy, Feminist Philosophy, Phenomenology
MA Carleton; MA, PhD York

Phone: 519-661-2111 ext. 85752
Office: Lawson Hall Room 3256

My expertise is in Twentieth Century Continental Philosophy, in particular feminist phenomenology, Merleau-Ponty, perception and phenomenological aesthetics.

I'm happy to serve on committees in the areas of feminist philosophy more broadly construed, ethics (in particular from a continental philosophy perspective or drawing to some extent on insights from that tradition), or any area of phenomenology. I'm also happy to serve on a committee that draws in some ways on my areas of expertise  even if it is focused in another area such as philosophy of mind.

Some recent publications

Helen Fielding, "Cultivating Perception: Phenomenological Encounters with Artworks”, SignsSymposium on "Politics of the Sensing Subject: Gender, Perception, Art," Anne Keefe (ed). 40.2 (2015):  280-289. Invited and refereed.

Helen Fielding, “Filming Dance: Embodied Syntax in Sasha Waltz’s ‘S’, Paragraph (Special Issue on ‘Screening Embodiment’) 38.1 (2015); 69-85.  Invited and refereed.

Christina Schües, Dorothea Olkowski and Helen Fielding (eds.), Time in Feminist Phenomenology, Indiana University Press, 2011.