Department of PhilosophyWestern Arts and Humanities

Anthony Skelton


Associate Professor

Graduate Placement Officer

Ethics, History of Ethics, Practical Ethics

Member, Rotman Institute of Philosophy

BA Manitoba; MA Dalhousie; PhD Toronto

Phone: 519-661-2111 ext. 87953
Office: Stevenson Hall, Room 4126
Website: Personal

2014-2015 Teaching

Selected Publications


Bioethics in Canada, eds., Charles Weijer, Anthony Skelton, and Samantha Brennan (Oxford: University Press, 2013)

Representative Articles:

"On Henry Sidgwick's 'My Station and its Duties'," Ethics (forthcoming)

"Two Conceptions of Children's Welfare," Journal of Practical Ethics (forthcoming)

"Utilitarianism, Welfare, Children," in The Well-being of Children in Theory and Practice, eds., A. Bagattini and C. Macleod (New York: Springer, 2014).

"Ideal Utilitarianism: Rashdall and Moore," in Underivative Duty: British Moral Philosophers from Sidgwick to Ewing, ed. Thomas Hurka (Oxford: University Press, 2011), 45-65.

"Henry Sidgwick's Moral Epistemology," Journal of the History of Philosophy 48 (2010), 491-519. 

"Henry Sidgwick's Practical Ethics: A Defence," Utilitas 18 (2006), 199-217.

Book Reviews:

Of Terence Irwin, The Development of Ethics: A Historical and Critical Study. Volume III: From Kant to Rawls, Philosophical Review (forthcoming)

Of David Phillips, Sidgwickian Ethics, Journal of Moral Philosophy (forthcoming)

Of Fred Feldman, What is this thing Called Happiness?, Philosophical Quarterly 63 (2013), 395-398.