Department of PhilosophyWestern Arts and Humanities

Charles Weijer


Canada Research Chair in Bioethics

Professor, Joint Appointment with Department of Medicine, Cross Appointment with Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics

Member, Rotman Institute of Philosophy

Bioethics, Research ethics

BMdSc, MD Alberta; BA(Hons), MSc, PhD McGill

Phone: 519-661-2111 ext. 80090
Office: Stevenson Hall 2150B

Teaching 2014-15

Selected Publications


Weijer C, Skelton A, Brennan S (eds.). Bioethics in Canada. Toronto: Oxford University Press Canada, 2013. 

Corrigan O, Liddell K, McMillan J, Richards M, Weijer C (eds.). Limits of Consent: A Socio-ethical Approach to Human Subjects Research in Medicine. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2009.


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Book Chapters

Weijer C, Miller PB, Graham M. The duty of care and equipoise in randomized controlled trials. In: Arras JD, Kukla R, Fenton E (eds.). Routledge Companion to Bioethics. Routledge: New York, forthcoming.

Weijer C, Lanata CF, Plowe CV. Ethical considerations in the conduct of vaccine trials in developing countries. In: Levine MM, Dougan G, Good MF, Liu MA, Nabel GJ, Nataro JP, Rappuoli R (eds.). New Generation Vaccines (4th edition). New York: Informa Health Care, Inc., 2010: 59–65.

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