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How To Apply

First Time Applicants

First Time applicants to the University and prospective students not currently attending Western must first make normal application to Western University through the Ontario Universities' Application Centre The BFA program is clearly distinguished on the OUAC application form under the code EAV "MN: Fine Arts - Studio (portfolio required)":

EAV MN Fine Arts

Students should then follow the Visual Arts web link on the OUAC form to go directly to the Department of Visual Arts website to obtain specifics regarding the portfolio requirements, evaluation criteria, and timelines.

All prospective BFA students will also need to submit a digital portfolio and personal statement via SlideRoom by February 15. 2016. In the SlideRoom application form, students will be invited to attend an optional portfolio interview to present their original work, in person to Visual Arts faculty members in a scheduled interview session. The Portfolio deadline is February 15, 2016.  Portfolio reviews will begin in January and applicants who meet Western’s admission criteria and have submitted a successful portfolio at that time will receive early offers of admission.

Prospective students who apply to the"MN: Fine Arts - Studio (portfolio required)" program on the OUAC website are strongly advised to also apply to the "MN: Arts and Humanities with Subject of Major Interest Visual Arts" program.

Internal Candidates

Current Western Students who have successfully completed (or are completing) VAS1020 and who wish to apply to the BFA program must upload a digital portfolio and personal statement via SlideRoom by March 17th, 2016.