Are you considering getting involved in the Internship Program? Listen to what our students say about their experience, then come see us and let's get you started on a path to outstanding, high-impact and on-the-job learning.

Written Testimonials


Kristen Long
BSc Actuarial Science (2016)

Kristen's Story


Liam Totten
BSc Biology

Liam's Story


Lindsay Kis
BSc, Honours Specialization
Environmental Science

Lindsay's Story


Raj Vasdev
BSc Honours Chemistry

Raj's Story


Miya Wang (BMSc – 2021)

Miya's Story


Jonathan Forget
BSc Honours Specialization
Biology, 2013

Jonathan's Story


Robbie Jin (Medical Sciences)
Analytical Sciences, Immunology
Sanofi Pasteur

Robbie's Story


Genetics and Biochemistry
Video Testimonial

Abdalla's Story


Misha Patel (Medical Science and Ecosystem Health)
Government Intern
Environment and Climate Change Canada

Misha's Story

More Stories

Internship as transformational undergrad experience

Meet Tara Linseman (BSc Honours Genetics, 2013) now working for one of Canada's most prominent genetic-based Biotech companies.  Tara's Story.

Open to new experiences

Jamie Block, a Genetics Student, interns as a Pharmaceuticals Student at Sanofi Pasteur to gain new knowledge, skills, and experiences.  Jamie's Story.

Biology Student at Environment Canada

Dennis He traded in his textbooks for lab notebooks during his internship at Environment Canada. Dennis's Story.

Astrophysics at the London Cancer Centre

Sachi Elkerton literally had A spectacular science internship in that it changed her perspective from the telescopic to the microscopic. Sachi's Story.

Computer Science Student at IBM

Neeraja Murali Dharan is an alumna of the Ontario Baden-Wurttemberg Summer Research Program and, through the computer science co-op program at Western, she worked as a software developer intern at IBM Markham. Neeraja's Story.

Applied Math and Microbiology Student at HORIBA-PTI

Applied Mathematics and Microbiology student Zahra Farid, shares her story of her internship experiences at HORIBA-PTI in London, ON. Zahra's Story.