Miya Wang

Miya Wang Headshot

Meet Miya Wang (BMSc – 2021) who completed a 16-month internship as a Junior Product Developer with Dr. Oetker Canada Ltd. Miya has been accepted to multiple medical schools. See what she has to say about the role her internship played.

In her own words: 

The 2020-21 medical school application cycle was especially competitive due to an increased number of applicants. It wasn’t enough to just have a great GPA -you also needed to show strength in a variety of other areas. The internship facilitated exactly that, and it was a unique experience that I personally believe made my application stand out among the typical volunteering and club activities. Most importantly, however, it was the professional skills and maturity I gained during the year that helped me grow into a good candidate. These are only the benefits directly relating to applying to medical schools; there are many others I haven’t mentioned here that would just enrich your undergraduate experience to a new level.