About Thrive Online

A photo of a laptop open to the Thrive Online websiteThrive Online is a space for you, as Western students (undergraduate, graduate, full-time, or part-time), to tell your own stories in your own words. This space is only as engaging, vibrant, and entertaining as the voices within it. We welcome all kinds of stories!

Western is known for its strong, tight-knit community of students. The memories you make here often forge lifelong relationships that connect you to us forever. Our campus is a beautiful place that acts as a backdrop for those memories, but it is the stories that tie us together. 


Students have a strong voice and presence in their relationship with Thrive Online. There is active learning, brave conversations, and authenticity in all of our interactions. Through these interactions, we can better understand who we are together. Our mutual values are: joy, courage, curiosity, equity, decolonization, empathy, hope, humility, and integrity.

Content Goals

Thrive Online content is intended to help students:

  • Celebrate: We want our audience to share in the joy of successes shared by other students.
  • Educate: We want to inform students about issues, events, conversations, etc. that may be meaningful and relevant to their lives. 
  • Engage: We want to deliver content that is diverse, relatable, and interactive. 
  • Entertain: We want our content to be fun and exude Western pride. 
  • Relate: We want to reach and relate to the entire community of Western students. 

If you have a story or perspective that you want to share, please visit our contributor page to find out how! If you have any questions or concerns, you can reach out at thriveonline@uwo.ca. 


 Thrive Online is a National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment featured website. To read their feature, click here

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