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For the inaugural issue of Scholars' Life Blog, we are focusing on stories of positive thinking amidst the outbreak and showcasing ways to better understand the times we are in. It is at times like these that we need to come together and value each unique perspective brought to the table. We want to thank the contributing writers, as well as the greater Scholar's community, for their hard work, dedication, and creativity of all forms placed into this ongoing project. We hope you, the reader, enjoy the perspectives and stories from the Scholar's community, and that we keep you looking forward to future issues of the Blog. (Read more from the Scholar's Life Editors here.)

Finally, we would love to hear your voices. If you have any questions or feedback at all, or if you are interested in writing for Scholars' Life, please do not hesitate to send us an email at

Big Data and The Social Dilemma

March 01, 2021

Apps are convenient and entertaining, but we rarely reflect on the consequences of using them. (Read the full article)

Boxing Day and Responsible Consumerism

February 23, 2021

Responsible spending habits during Boxing Day is important to secure your personal finance. (Read the full article)

A Magical Memory

February 18, 2021

Take a trip down to platform 9 and 3/4... (Read the full article)

Unpacking Systemic Racism Part 2: How Can You Make a Difference?

February 16, 2021

Here are some steps you can take to learn more about systemic racism. (Read the full article)

Unpacking Systemic Racism Part 1: An Examination of Systemic Racism

February 16, 2021

Learn about some of the ways racism exists in our society. (Read the full article)

New Year, New Resolutions

February 09, 2021

Your resolutions for 2021 may be different, but that's okay. (Read the full article)

Lessons From COVID-19

November 20, 2020

COVID-19 has taught us one thing for sure: there's a need for better health literacy. (Read the full article)

Dinners Worth Remembering

November 18, 2020

COVID has taught us to cherish the smaller things in life, like dinner. (Read the full article)

The Top 9 Reasons You Messed Up Your Sourdough Bread During Quarantine

November 14, 2020

Did you hop on the sourdough bandwagon during quarantine? (Read the full article)

Life Is Scary (Until It Isn't So Much Anymore)

November 10, 2020

Life is scary, but it's all a part of the journey. (Read the full article)

Tips for Success During an Online School Year

November 09, 2020

Learning from home is different, here are some tips to help you adjust (Read the full article)

The Necessity of the Follower

November 02, 2020

The role of a follower can be just as important as that of a leader. (Read the full article)

Welcome to Scholar's Life Blog!

November 02, 2020

Hear from the Scholar's Life Blog managing editors as they write about their inaugural issue! (Read the full article)

An Introductory Guide to Creating a More Conscious Closet

September 23, 2020

Julia shares how to practise ethical and sustainable fashion. (Read the full article)

A Positive View of the Last Two Decades

September 21, 2020

2020 has been rough, but it can get better. Proof: here's some good news from the past two decades. (Read the full article)

9 Ways to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

July 24, 2020

As the province opens up, it's important to remember to stay green. (Read the full article)

"OK Boomer"

July 17, 2020

"OK Boomer" isn't just a meme anymore; it's a rallying cry for a generation tired of being dismissed. (Read the full article)

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