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Conner's CEL Experience

August 16, 2021

Check out Conner's video where he talks about his CEL experience! (Read the full article)

See Where the Wind Blows You: My CEL Story

August 12, 2021

Read Ting's blog to see how taking a CEL course has changed their perspective. (Read the full article)

A Guide to my Journey with The City of London and Class 3377

August 09, 2021

Read about Elise's experience working with the city of London. (Read the full article)

Prescription for Nature

August 05, 2021

Learn about the power of nature as Mais reflects on their CEL experience. (Read the full article)

Music Education in the Community

August 02, 2021

Jenny shares the power of music with others through a CEL course. (Read the full article)

Helping the Community Through Science Education

July 29, 2021

Read how Kayleigh's passion for science transformed into helping the community. (Read the full article)

My Experience in Psychology 3895E

July 27, 2021

Disha was excited to take a course that promoted working in the community. (Read the full article)

CEL: A Poem

July 20, 2021

Madeline creatively shares the value of a CEL course through poetry! (Read the full article)

Key Learnings From My CEL Experience

July 14, 2021

Read Nidhi's blog to learn about the key takeaways from their CEL experience. (Read the full article)

Clare's CEL Experience with Participation House

July 08, 2021

Clare shares her experience in the CEL course, Sociology of Deviance. (Read the full article)

My Experience With CEL

July 06, 2021

Rebecca shares what she learned during her CEL experience. (Read the full article)

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