4 Podcasts That Blew My Mind

Grey and brown headphones sitting on a desk beside a laptopWritten by: Rawan El Moghrabi, 3rd year Software Engineering

Photo by Pavel Anoshin on Unsplash

Over the summer, I decided to try listening to podcasts while doing my work. Ever since then, they have become an obsession of mine and are now my favourite entertainment medium. Podcasts are perfect for making mundane tasks more entertaining. You can clean your room while learning about philosophy or wait for the bus while listening to creative short stories. For those who like background noise while studying, podcasts are the less distracting alternative to Netflix. You won’t be tempted to stop studying and watch, and you also don’t have to give your undivided attention to be entertained. For anyone who likes learning about unusual subjects or everyday topics, podcasts are the way to go. They deliver educational content in an interesting and engaging way.

To get you started with podcasts, here’s a list of my top 4 podcasts and what they’re all about.

1. Darknet Diaries: 

This one is for all the tech and true crime enthusiasts. Darknet Diaries is an investigative podcast that discusses the dark side of the internet. It covers topics like internet privacy, data breaches, hacks, and cybercrimes. Delivered in a true crime style, it discusses the real-life experiences of hackers and explains the details of some of the most infamous cybercrimes. Once you start, it’s hard to not listen to this podcast. It might leave you questioning the security of our everyday technology, but it will help make the most boring tasks entertaining and quick.

2. Duolingo French Podcast: 

For all the language learners out there, this is an educational podcast from Duolingo. It’s made for people learning French to practice their listening skills and get accustomed to hearing native French speakers. The podcast doesn’t give lessons; instead, listeners get to hear true stories from French locals. This is one of the best podcasts if you are learning French or want to learn French. There is also a Spanish podcast available if that is the language you’re learning.

3. Stuff You Should Know: 

Stuff You Should Know, amazingly, has over 1,500 episodes that cover any topic you can think about. They’ve covered topics like herd immunity, Agatha Christie, labour unions, Star Wars, and much more. This is the perfect podcast if you are the kind of person who is curious about everything around you or if you just need something interesting in the background while getting things done. It’s delivered in a comedic way with an emphasis on making even the most technical topics easy to understand for everyone listening.

4. Beautiful Stories from Anonymous People: 

Take a peek into people’s lives with this podcast that invites regular people to share their personal stories anonymously. They can share anything. The stories told can be wild, funny, or filled with drama. People can call and just talk about relationships, jobs, embarrassing secrets, or philosophical debates. There are no restrictions when it comes to this podcast, with the only rule being the host is not allowed to hang up first. Prepare to be fascinated during every episode.

Whether you’re listening for educational purposes or for entertainment, there is a podcast out there for you. Since they vary in length, podcasts also cater to all different attention spans. Some are as short as 7 minutes or as long as an hour. The wide variety ensures that everyone can find a podcast to fall in love with. From comedy shows to news updates, whatever it that you are interested in, podcasts have got you covered.

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