Dear First-Year Self

Dear First-Year Self

Written by: Thrive Online Guest Writer

Dear First Year Me,

Now that I’ve completed my university experience, I have reflected on all the amazing memories, valuable experiences, good times and even the struggles. Although I’m very content with how my university experience played out here are some things I wish I knew entering first year:

Firstly, I would tell my first year self not to skip classes! I know it’s hard to wake up early in the morning for those 8 and 9am’s but missing them only makes it that much harder to get the notes and catch up on the course material I missed out on.

My next piece of advice would be to choose courses that fit your lifestyle the best. This one ties in a lot to my first piece of advice. Since I know myself and can accept the fact that I am not an early bird, selecting course times in the middle of the day would be most ideal. Unless the course is only available in the morning, I should be picking courses times that are best suited to when I am ready to work hardest and can seriously focus. 

Connect with as many people as possible. Be outgoing! Go outside of your comfort zone! Introduce yourself to new people! Everyone is looking to make new friends at Western, so don’t feel uncomfortable to start a conversation with someone, chances are is they are just as nervous to talk to you. Who knows they can turn out to be your next study buddy or even your best friend. 

Take advantage of your professors office hours. This took me longer than it should have to figure out, but your professors have designated a few hours per week to just be there for you. If you are unsure about an assignment or need clarification on a topic for a midterm or final, just go stop by even if it’s for 10-15 minutes it is so worth it. Plus it shows them that you care, trust me!

GO OUT AND HAVE A GOOD TIME! Personally, this is a big one. It’s important to have a social life. You cannot afford to let school consume your whole life.


Your Future Self

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