Donating to COVID Charities: Playing My Part

spread-cheer-covid-charities.jpgWritten by: Shaowda Salehin

Photo by: United Nations on Unsplash

COVID 19 has changed the Canadian as well as global way of life. Many of us have been personally affected by the virus and lost family members and friends during this difficult tribulation, so our holidays in particular may feel a little empty this year. Others have lost their jobs or are struggling with keeping afloat small businesses; students like us are scrambling to complete our degrees and find a place for our professions in a new struggling economy. Even during the bleakness of the hour, the holidays are a reminder to rejoice and be grateful in what we have and give to those outside of ourselves who are in need. The tradition of generosity will forever be unchanged, keeping this season as beautiful and happy as it always has been.

Acknowledging how deeply affected and wounded our world really is right now, I’ve had a challenging time coming up with solutions and playing my part. I ask myself, what can I really do in the grand scheme of things? Will I be able to make an impact? Can I make a change? When I was a child, my dad taught me that “every drop in the ocean counts,” meaning that every little bit helps. Whenever we were donating anywhere, my dad would repeat the phrase so we’d be encouraged to give as much as we could without feeling like we’re not doing enough. From a young age, I learned that every dollar had an impact of some sort; remembering my dad’s wise words, I had the answer; of course I can make a change, because my small contribution will be part of a greater contribution that we all make as a team. Even though I am just a university student, with not much to my name other than the degree I am striving to accomplish, I can still give as much as I can.

I’ve donated to Toronto General Hospital and Brampton Civic Hospital, since these hospitals were heavily impacted by a greater amount of COVID patients; our health care workers have done a phenomenal job in helping our communities, but they need some of our help too! As seen on the news, PPE is always running low, so to ensure the safety of the people that are trying to keep us safe, I donated to the charities (linked below) that would ensure they are able to properly and healthily continue their great work.

My childhood nanny, who is a family member to us, serving the family for over 30 years, has been steadily recovering from COVID. Although she lives in Bangladesh with my Grandma and extended family, I knew I needed to help her in any way possible despite being far out of reach. I donated a small amount to money ICDDR,B, a hospital in Dhaka, which has been dedicated to helping with the diagnosis and betterment of the working class population. I was set on contributing as much as I can to the improvement of Bangladeshi healthcare in hopes that it would help Rahela, along with others enduring and fighting through the same circumstances. I also have a personal connection to the hospital as my aunt is a working doctor and director of the establishment; she has been part of incredible research that has helped the developing country shape its way of dealing with the virus and I am so proud of her tireless efforts in improving conditions of patients as well as the healthcare system.

This holiday season, I am taking the time to reflect on how those around me are experiencing the new life and I’m considering the small ways I could take part in the healing process. As this time of year is based on giving, I am giving as much as I can so that we could stand united against the troubles that have estranged us from the normalcy of our lives. I remind myself that no matter the massiveness of the problems overwhelming us all; every small contribution of mine makes up the ocean of help required to restore the world.

Visit the links below if you wish to contribute, and remember: every drop in the ocean counts!


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