In A World Where You Can Be Anything, Be Kind

A sign reading Kindness MattersWritten by: Reya Siby

Photo by: Dee @ Copper and Wild on Unsplash

One day, I had to take the bus to run some errands. It was one of those days where I was drowning in the midst of a bunch of unfinished work and upcoming exams. I remember being super stressed out because I had to get back home early to finish all of my school assignments, but this was the only day where I had a little bit of time to go out and get some stuff I urgently needed. When I got inside the bus to pay, my bus card declined. Then I realized, that among my chaos, I had completely forgotten to add more money to my bus card. I was upset because if I went back to reload my card, it would take up to 24 hours to reload. I also had absolutely no change to pay for the bus ticket and there was no ATM/store nearby to get some cash either. I expected that the bus driver would ask me to get off the bus, as most would do. This meant that I would have to go back home feeling more defeated and unmotivated. I would have to cancel all my plans once again and try to rearrange my already hectic schedule. However, the bus driver instead said it was okay and gave me the free bus ride. He didn’t know how I was feeling super stressed out rather, I was just another random stranger to him. Even though this may have not seemed like a big deal to the bus driver and he probably gave a free bus ride to other people that day as well, at the end of the day he wasn’t obligated to give me that free bus ride, but by doing so he had saved me from a lot of trouble. Just this one act of kindness alone had made my day a lot better and made me feel motivated. It was a reminder to breathe and that while your world might feel chaotic in the moment, there are people around you to help you.

Random acts of kindness are so important because every person might be going through their own havoc. While this might not seem apparent from the outside, just being kind to others can make enough of a difference in each of their lives to stay motivated. These acts of kindness also elicit a chain response that can magnify to the whole world. Therefore, “In a world where you can be anything, be kind.”

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