New Music Monday: Fallin' Into Fall

Colourful fall leaves on a green sewer great

Playlist Curated by Shaowda Salehin, 3rd Year English & Minor in Biology 

Photo by Jing Xi Lau on Unsplash

I grew up listening to my dad's 70's rock CDs and Coldplay. When I was a child, we spent a lot of time in the car during the colder months listening to music. When we'd pick up my mom from work, we'd take the long route so that we could drive passed the countryside. When Fall comes around, I nostalgically pick through the songs that remind me of my dad's favorites. As the seasons change, I travel in and out between my childhood memories, and certain songs do the trick of taking me all the way back. "In My Place" by Coldplay reminds me of a time when all I had to do was sing along to the lyrics and never really understand the context of the music. I was so young; I didn't understand the concept of sad songs. As I listen to it as a 20, (21 in February), years old, I revisit the song with a whole new perspective. I relate to Chris Martin singing about finding a small place of our own in the vastness of the great big world. Sometimes it's difficult to remember who we used to be, who the little girl in me wanted to be. But the songs on this fall playlist always take me back to some semblance of innocence. So, every year, especially every fall, it is essential for me to reconnect with my past self and past memories through these songs. 

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