Relax and Fuel Your Creativity

A bright blue guitar on a bright blue backgroundWritten by: Ryan Keats, 4th Year FIMS 

Photo by: ​Rahu​ on ​Pixabay

Music has always been a big aspect of my life. My dad listens exclusively to his 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s radio stations while my mom listens to an ever evolving collection of Adele, Garth Brooks, and Evanescence. Due to this, my taste in music is quite broad. I utilize music in many different areas of my life like to relax when studying, to get ready to play sports, to push myself while exercising, or while driving for some accompaniment to my tone deaf belting. Spotify has always earned its keep in my list of monthly subscriptions due to its bespoke capacity for introducing new music based on my listening history and through Spotify I’ve found countless songs that I loved. There is music for every mood, but today we are focusing on wellness, therefore the playlist will feature the music that makes me calmest and happiest. In the playlist below you can find my relaxiest and jammiest songs sorted loosely from new to old, enjoy!

This blog is part of @westernstudentexperience's 10 Day Wellness Challenge, stay tuned to our Instagram Story for more challenges (and prizes) that you can win!

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