Voices of Western - Talking Gender-based Violence, Non-Profits, and Politics (During a Pandemic)

Please note: this podcast discusses gender-based sexual violence.

Hi Western!  

Humans of Western released our second episode for Voices of Western on all of our streaming platforms. The second podcast episode for Voices of Western is hosted by Yash Chavda and Rushil Malik, and focuses on the topic of gender-based violence, non-profits, and politics (during a pandemic). On this episode, Humans of Western had the pleasure of featuring Allison Preyde, the Public Education Coordinator at Anova London. Anova London is an organization within the London community that aids those looking for shelter, support, counselling, and resources. Anova focuses on addressing and eliminating the presence of gender-based sexual violence and inequalities in the community. Tune into this episode to learn more about Anova, how patriarchy contributes to gender-based violence, and more. You can listen on YouTube, Anchor, or Spotify. Click here to learn more about Anova. 

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