My Top 5 Study Spots on Campus

Students walking towards Weldon Library on a sunny day.Written by: Vianne Cai, 3rd year Med Sci
Photo by: Lauren Lee

With a campus as large as Western’s, it can be overwhelming trying to decide where to study. Don’t fret, I've got you covered. From food choices to the overall aesthetic, I have compiled a list of study spots that are the most convenient on campus that you must check out!

Without further ado, here are my top five study spots on campus:

Somerville House

Somerville House has gone through some recent renovations making it such a nice place to study. With its proximity to UCC and access to Lucy’s, it makes it super convenient to grab food while studying. There are outlets everywhere, so you don’t have to be afraid of your device dying on you. The bathrooms are all individual and usually clean. Since Somerville House has so many amenities it’s definitely one of my favourite spots to study on campus.


Weldon Library has also gone through some renovations, making it a nice place to study. Be mindful that each area has its designated noise level, it helps make it easier to focus on your work at Weldon. With the recent opening of Chatime, along with the tunnel accessing UCC, it’s easy to get a drink while studying. Remember, food isn’t allowed in the library, this is to prevent messes from happening. Also, make sure you don’t leave your stuff at a table thinking you’re saving that spot, your stuff could get stolen. Let’s all share the space!


Students studying in Taylor library.

Taylor is a library in the Natural Science Centre. It’s convenient to go there to study after class. There are lots of places to grab food such as Tim’s and Einsteins, so you can feel energized before starting your study session. There are additional study spaces in the stacks, as well as the cubicles on the lower floor. Each area has its designated noise level. If it gets too noisy/busy on the main floor, then the other floors are definitely worth checking out. There's a “no food policy” at Taylor Library, but there are tables you can eat at outside the library. Remember to clean up your space once you're done so the next student can get right to work, let’s take care of each other and our shared spaces!

Physics and Astronomy Building

The Physics and Astronomy building, more commonly known as “PandA” is a very underrated study space. The building is very modern and clean, and most importantly, quiet. There are usually very few people studying here, so there’s always a spot. I definitely recommend coming here if you need a quiet study space. This building is also super close to Natural Science so there are food options when you’re hungry and a convenient way to get home since the bus stop is so close.

Thames Hall

Picture inside Thames Hall of the study space.

Thames Hall is a beautiful place to study. It’s a big open space with so much natural lighting and a green living wall! With a space so aesthetic, it’s easy to romanticize studying here. Thames Hall is also decently close to UCC so there is good access to food. The bathrooms here are spotless. I know this bright study space will definitely be a favourite on your list as well.

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