Visiting Fellows

Relief from Josephine Spencer Niblett Faculty of Law Building EntranceThe Western Academy looks forward to welcoming the world's best minds to London, Ontario, Canada. Invited on the basis of excellence and fit to theme, Visiting Western Fellows can include internationally established or emerging scholars, thinkers and/or leaders from academia, government or the private sector.

While most Visiting Fellows will still require salary support from their home institution, appointment as a Visiting Western Fellow carries with it a stipend of up to $60,000 CAD for 12 months, prorated for shorter periods. Additional home institution supports, if needed, may come in the form of sabbatical leave for university scholars or secondments from public or private sector roles.

We anticipate Visiting Western Fellows will be in residence at Western for the duration of their thematic program, which will typically be 10-12 months. As a result, in addition to the stipend, Fellows will be provided:

  • Subsidized, family-friendly housing for up to 12 months
  • Assistance with associated logistics
  • An opportunity to work with Western Fellows and Western Academy Postdoctoral Fellows