International Centre for Olympic Studies

ICOS in the Research Community

Beyond publishing Olympika and the Symposium Proceedings, and providing research and infrastructural support, the International Centre for Olympic Studies also serves its academic community through three additional key activities.

Scholarly Lecture and Address Cycles

First, ICOS organizes and hosts scholarly lectures and addresses in three different Lecture Series cycles that address historical and topical issues in the space of Olympic and Paralympic research. The series are named after, and celebrate the achievements of, scholars and administrators who have made significant contributions to Olympic research or the advance of the Olympic and Paralympic idea. 

Biennial International Symposia for Olympic Studies

Secondly, during each Olympic year, the International Centre for Olympic Studies hosts its International Symposium for Olympic and Paralympic Research. The first Symposium was held in 1992, the most recent - thirteenth- iteration was co-hosted in Vitoria, Brazil, by ICOS and the Federal University of Espirito Santo, in August 2016. The fourteenth Symposium is scheduled for October 2018, and will be held on the campus of Western University in London, Canada. Please check the 2018 Symposium page for the call for papers and for up-to-date information.

Media Interventions

Thirdly, ICOS connects the media to scholars and researchers for comment on topical and historical issues that emerge in the Olympic and Paralympic Movements. They provide insight and commentary for media reporting on all substantive matters related to the Olympic and Paralympic Games. With almost 30 years of practical experience working with TV, radio, newsprint, and web based sources, ICOS is a critical information source for media worldwide. A selection of recent media interventions include the CBC, CTV, The Globe and Mail, The New York Times, NPR, The Wall Street Journal, ESPN, PBS, The Guardian, The National Post, and USA Today.

Contact information for media inquiries can be found here.

Check the log of recent ICOS media interventions here.