International Centre for Olympic Studies

ICOS Publications

Olympika 2016The International Centre's main publishing activities focus on Olympika: The International Journal of Olympic Studies, and the Edited Collections of papers presented at the Centre's biennial International Symposia for Olympic Research. The first issue of Olympika was published in 1992, and the journal has now reached volume 25 (2016). Further information on Olympika, subscription information, as well as instructions to authors, can be found here.

ICOS 2016 Proceedings The biennial, themed Edited Collections were first published in conjunction with ICOS' first International Symposium in 1992. With the the most recent 2018 International Symposium, the Collections have reached their fourteenth iteration. Further information on the Edited Collections can be found here.

Tarnished RingsICOS also acknowledges book publications by authors that in the past drew on, or presently make use of, the resources of the International Centre for Olympic Studies. An overview of these publication is provided here.