International Centre for Olympic Studies

Scholarly Lectures and Addresses

One of the key activities of the International Centre for Olympic Studies is the organization and hosting of lectures in one of three Lecture Series, addressing historical and topical issues in the space of Olympic and Paralympic Research. The series are named after, and celebrate the achievements of, scholars and administrators who have made significant contributions to Olympic research or the advance of the Olympic and Paralympic idea. 

The Ioannides Lecture


Dr. Wendy Raschke, University of California, delivering the 11th Ioannides Lecture in 1996

The Crocker Lecture

Robert K. Barney

Robert Barney delivers the 2009 Crocker Lecture - ICOS' 20th anniversary.

The Zeigler Lecture


Dongguan Pei, Beijing Institute of Physical Education, delivers the 17th Zeigler Lecture, 2006

The beginning of the three Lecture Series hosted by ICOS predates the formal establishing of the Centre in 1990. It was in 1986 that Nigel Crowther delivered the first lecture in the Ion P. Ioannides Memorial lecture cycle. The John Howard Crocker Lecture series commenced with Bruce Kidd's lecture in 1990. The Earle F. Zeigler Lecture cycle was established in 1990 by the then Faculty of Kinesiology at the University of Western Ontario to recognize the achievements of Earle Zeigler as the Faculty's first Dean; Gerry Glassford delivered the first lecture in the Earle F. Zeigler Lecture series in that same year. Responsiblity for the Zeigler Lecture cycle devolved to the International Centre for Olympic Studies in 1998. 

More than seventy lectures have been delivered by academics whose Olympic research is recognized throughout the world.