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Proceedings of the International Symposia for Olympic Studies

Icos ProceedingsDuring each Olympic year, the International Centre for Olympic Studies hosts the biennial International Symposium for Olympic Research. The Symposium Proceedings contain the peer-reviewed full-length versions of Symposium presentations (1992-2010 Proceedings). In a format change beginning with the 2012 Proceedings, ICOS accepted, and now accepts, either full-length presentation texts or presentation abstracts for inclusion in the Proceedings; both undergo a peer-review process.

The Centre produced print versions of the Proceedings up to and including the 2010 Symposium. Beginning with the 2012 Symposium, and reinforcing ICOS’ positive stance on open access policies, production of the Proceedings was switched to electronic delivery only. Scholarly worldwide distribution of the Proceedings in the electronic format occurs in collaboration between ICOS and the LA84 Foundation, from the LA84 web site. Documents on the LA84 Foundation web site are freely available to the public.

Registered Symposium presenters and participants also receive a USB thumb drive with the entire Proceedings in the Adobe Acrobat format.

Table of Contents of Past Proceedings

1/1992 2/1994 3/1996 4/1998 5/2000 6/2002 7/2004 8/2006 9/2008 10/2010
11/2012 12/2014 13/2016 14/2018
Individual articles from the 1992 - 2016 Proceedings can be accessed via the search page of the LA84 Foundation.

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