Parking Services

Service Interruption - Althouse Faculty Staff Parking Lot (Feb 7 - Dec 20)

Access to the Althouse Staff parking lot will be temporarily moved from the south side of Althouse Faculty of Education Building to the north side through the Althouse Student parking lot from February 7 to December 20 to accomodate a new addition to the building. 



Winter Parking Conditions

Snow can have an effect on parking conditions.  Please do not park on the large snow piles in parking lots.  Please do not create new parking spots on roadways on in partially cleared spaces.
Laneways need to be left open for the plow teams to do their work.


Student Parking Permits - Sold Out

The 2023/24 Annual, Fall and Winter student parking permits are currently Sold Out.  The next available permits for sale will be for the summer term (May 1 - August 31) and the scheduled sale date will be March 15.  If you would like to be added to the waitlist, please fill out your information at the following link: Student Waitlist

Alternative parking options can be found at the following link: Alternative Options


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