Services Provided by the Parking Office

Bike Locker

Secure Bike Shelters/Lockers

Located throughout campus, Bike Shelters and Individual Bike Lockers will provide safety and protection for your bicycle.

Guest Parking Sign

Department Hosted Parking Options

Consider complimentary parking or a blue pass parking when your guests visit campus. Special event parking can also be arranged for your event. Learn More

Special Event Parking

Event Parking and Lot Closures

Notice of interruption to service. Occasionally, special event parking will require partial or full use of parking lots and will temporarily dispace permit holders to nearby spaces. Get advanced notice. Learn More

Motorist Assistance Vehicle

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Western offers two EV Charging Stations, located in the Visual Arts lot. Learn More

Motorist Assistance Vehicle

Motorist Assistance

Parking & Visitor Services provides complimentary motorist assistance to all faculty, staff, students and visitors to Western University's main campus. Learn More