Other Permits

If you fall into one of the following categories, you will not have a Western ID Card and will need to visit the Parking Office to purchase or renew a parking permit:

Please bring identification along with your vehicle plate information in order to set up a parking account.

Motorcycle Permits

Motorcycle parking permits are available to any student or university employee. If you have already purchased a current parking permit, motorcycle permits are issued at no charge otherwise the current rate is charged.

Motorcycle permits are only issued annually and ownership is required at the time of purchase.

*Rate for Sept 1, 2023 to August 31, 2024

Type of Permit Annual Fee
Motorcycle/Scooter/Moped $114.72

*All rates include HST and are subject to change.

Student Apartment Permits

Parking permits may be obtained from Student Housing. Student Apartment Permits are not valid on main campus. All other rules and regualtions apply.

Loading Zone Permits

30 minute loading zone permits may be obtained by faculty staff with active parking permits. Please contact the Parking Office for information at: wparking@uwo.ca

Medical and Dental Clinician Permits

The permits for Medical and Dental Clinicians will be provided in accordance with lists supplied by the Deans' Offices and will be issued by the Manager of Parking & Visitor Services.