GSV Permits

General Service Vehicle (GSV) permits are available, with departmental approval, to facilitate deliveries and allow service access to university buildings.  

In order to obtain a General Service Vehicle (GSV) permit, drivers must have a valid parking permit for the current academic year.

All passes are issued electronically and linked to valid paid permits. Passes will not be issued to vehicles without a permit. Commercial vehicles requiring General Service Vehicle (GSV) passes will require commercial hang tags.

Faculty, Staff and Commercial vehicles using General Service Vehicle (GSV) permits MUST also display a valid paid Western parking hang tag.

Permit Type Description Annual Cost
General Service Vehicle (GSV) permit

GSV permits are "virtual." No hang tag is issued.

Valid Staff/Commercial permit must be displayed.

Valid at Honk Mobile spaces, Pay & Display areas, loading zones, service ramps and non-reserved parking spaces for 60 minutes.

GSV permits expire at the end of the academic year and must be renewed annually.

$30 each

*All zones are monitored regularly by Parking enforcement staff.

As a guideline, Parking Services asks that General Service Vehicle (GSV) permits only be requested for individuals who require frequent access to these service/restricted areas.

Please note: Abuse of these permits affects the functionality of these areas and disrupts timely servicing of equipment, removal of garbage and delivery of material. In order to prevent such disruptions, Parking Services reserves the right to withdraw permits that are used improperly.


Print off the request form then send completed form to: