Course Overload


Since course overloads are additional work, present competing priorities and can increase levels of stress, they are not to be taken lightly. The Academic Counselling Office may give you special permission for an overload to a maximum of a half credit (0.5) in one term, if you have a strong academic record, and are able to demonstrate the capacity to undertake the additional workload. 

To request an overload please submit a ticket to our help portal (please ensure you meet the criteria below). If your overload is approved you will be notified, a special permission will be added to your record and you will be able to enroll in the course as usual.

Overloads should be considered only in exceptional circumstances and registration in a maximum load of 5.5 full credits between September and April in any academic year will be supported, if eligible. Please see below for eligibility criteria for overload consideration and carefully review before submitting your request to ensure you meet the requirements outlined.

Fall Term Overloads - Max of 0.5

  1. Upper Year Students must have a term average of 70% in 5.0 courses from the previous Fall/Winter Term with no failures. First-Year Students are not allowed to overload in their first fall term.
  2. All students must demonstrate past ability to meet deadlines and the capacity to undertake the additional workload.
  3. If you are not eligible for an overload in first term, you may qualify for one in second term if you can show us in January that your first term grades are in the 70% range on 2.5 courses, which must include all core courses completed or interim marks in full courses. Please review the eligibility criteria for WINTER TERM OVERLOADS, it differs for First-Year Students.

Winter Term Overloads – Max 0.5

  1. Students must have successfully completed 2.5 credits in first term to be considered for a second term overload.
  2. Students who reduced or have dropped a course in first term and request an overload for second term, must make their request in *January upon confirmation of first term grades. First term grades on the reduced course load must average 70% or higher in core courses with no failed grades. Students must present mid-year grades from full-year courses. First-year students must have an 80% average in their first term courses.

Summer Course Overload:

The course load in the summer term is 2.5 and no overloads are allowed.

Additional Overload Considerations:

  1. Previous Academic Performance - Academic Counselling will further review a student’s eligibility based on past academic performance and ability to handle additional academic work. Meeting the minimum grade requirement for an overload does not guarantee eligibility for an overload.
  2. Students must demonstrate past ability to meet deadlines in a timely manner; and indicate capacity to undertake the additional workload.
  3. Graduation – Academic Counselling does not approve overloads to meet graduation expectations. The student must meet the eligibility criteria.
  4. AEO students are encouraged to speak with Academic Counselling about overload eligibility prior to reducing their first term course load. AEO status does not guarantee overload approval.
  5. Student may not use an overload as a basis for a grade appeal based on compassionate grounds. Overloaded courses that are creating significant increases in stress levels, or in which the student is not achieving satisfactory marks should be dropped by the withdrawal deadline. It is the student’s responsibility to drop a course by the deadline dates indicated on the Registrar’s web site.