Benefits & Responsibilities

Employers Benefits

  • Gaining access to academically well-qualified students.
  • Integrate Personnel with technical experience and drive at a low cost.
  • Leverage the extended work term to save on recruitment and training cost.
  • Consistency of workforce and workflow.
  • Evaluate potential as a full-time employee.
  • Have a student ambassador to promote your organization to other prospective students.

Employer Responsibilities

It is expected that employers will:

Typical Work Terms (8 - 16 months)Science Internship Typical Work Term Timeline

Accessible Transcript: Typical Work Term

16-months: May 1 to August 20

12-months: May 1 to April 30 or  September 1 to August 30

8-months: May 1 to December 30 or  September 1 to April 30 or  January 1 to August 30 (limited availability)