Are you interested in the Science Internship Program? Listen to what one of our past employers has to say about their experience, then contact us if you have a question or need help finding the perfect internship fit for your industrial needs.

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ZTR Control Systems


Fernando Campos (Computer Science)

Length of Placement

16 months

How did the process of hiring a Western student work for you?

There is no question, Western consistently provides us with quality candidates. As a tech company, ZTR always wants to be a step ahead in our innovation and in advancing the industries that we serve. Western uses an excellent review system that engages both our contacts at ZTR, and the student, to provide feedback to each of us at set intervals. The process is simple and streamlined so that it doesn't interrupt the student’s education nor company operations. This helps ZTR and the student have the best experience possible. Western students hit the ground running and are working on projects immediately. This is extremely valuable to us in our overall business strategy.

What skills and abilities from Western students do you value most? (have impressed you most)?

Western students always possess the technical skills they have learned through their education when they arrive at ZTR. What really impresses us is a student’s ability to learn from real world applications, thinking freely and creatively. We value the initiative it takes to learn new technologies and apply them in a way that they're not typically used to. We also encourage students to challenge processes and ideas as much as possible. Students have fresh and innovative ideas that can lead to creating something new during their internship and beyond. We want to see students communicate their thoughts openly and strongly to different levels within the company.

What benefits have you experienced from hiring Western students for co-op, internship and practicum opportunities?

The students coming out of third year are already at a knowledge level that allows them to work on very technical projects at ZTR. They can be placed directly into projects and excel as part of the project teams. We ensure interns are part of the team so they develop real solutions for the company and learn as much as possible themselves. AT ZTR we aim to give students relevant work experience on the things they are trained to do, using the newest technologies and working on industry innovations.

Why would you recommend employers recruit at Western?

Because ZTR is based in London, we strive to support our local educational institutions and keep London grads in London. Almost every student we've recruited from Western has worked on an important project that was successfully complete before they left. We use this as a learning exercise for both the student and our teams, and try to bring the best back after they graduate. Western makes it easy to recruit as their high standards always provide us with quality candidates and the process is very smooth. ZTR recommends Western for quality candidates that can integrate immediately and for a seamless and smooth process.