Biological Sciences

At Western, Biology is taught from a perspective that integrates the subcellular, cellular, organism, community and ecosystem levels. Students receive essential hands-on experiences in our innovative laboratory-only course, emphasizing student input into design and techniques. Our students are prepared to work on instrumentation such as GC, HPLC, refractometers, pH and conductivity meters.

Western biology students are particularily well suited to support industry needs as interns in Manufacturing, Production, Food Science, Pharmaceutical and Agricultural industries.

Leverage Our Students' Technical Skills

Product quality control 
Identification and use of biological control agents, biofertilizers, or organic amendments
Environmental compliance approvals, assessments and permits 
General lab duties - cleaning, washing, inventory, preparing for experiments, etc.
Biological assays - pipetting, DNA/RNA/protein preparation and assessment
Data analysis including statistical analysis
Report research and writing - some students have also assisted journal manuscript preparation
Field sampling and data collection