Chemistry at Western Science gives students hands-on access to instrumentation (e.g., UV/VIS, FTIR,  AA, IC, GC, and NMR spectrometers), develops their skills in report writing, and by their third year ensures they spend 12 hours per week in the lab.

Our interns work primarily in the food science, manufacturing and production, and chemical industries.

Leverage Our Students' Technical Skills

Product quality control
Perform instrumental chemical analysis of water samples using HPLC and UV spectrophotometry and other analytical techniques
Evaluation of samples using instruments such as Gas Chromatographs, Alcoholyzer, Spectrophotometers, Dissolved Oxygen Meters
Field sampling and data collection - gathering samples, biological/chemical measurements, etc.
Biological assays - pipetting, DNA/RNA/protein preparation and assessment
Data analysis including statistical analysis and recording of results
Researching and writing reports; students have also assisted journal manuscript preparation