Medical Sciences

Western’s basic medical science program is a unique opportunity for students wishing to pursue medicine in Canada. This program focuses on the application of science to the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of human disease.

Modules Offered

Modules offered jointly with the Faculty of Science and the Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry include:

Anatomy and Cell Biology Microbiology and Immunology Biochemistry Pathology
Epidemiology and Biostatistics Pharmacology Medical Biophysics Physiology
Medical Cell Biology Medical Sciences Pathology and Toxicology

Many of our students have applied their acquired knowledge in the pharmaceutical, food science, manufacturing, and medical industries for their internships.

Leverage Our Students' Technical Skills

Research, literature reviews, report writing
Equipment set-up, cleaning and documentation
Implementation of process changes, validation, SOP updates, etc.
Trending of data, identification of root cause with cross-functional teams and sites of manufacture to deliver on planned commitments to customers.
Development and analysis of metrics
Execute protocols/procedures for validation and process improvements
Production, quality assurance, quality control
Produce microbiological assays to detect bacteria
Perform biochemistry techniques (i.e., ELISA, SDS Page/Western, Lowry, Bradford)
Maintain the equipment inventory database (Tank locations, stirrers, etc.).