Physics & Astronomy

The Department offers programs in Physics, Astrophysics, Medical Physics, Materials Science, and Planetary Science.

Our undergraduates acquire proficiency in problem-solving, mathematics, experimental design, computer simulation, and data analysis while experiencing the tools and techniques of modern high technology.

All of our undergraduates have studied mechanics, waves, heat and thermodynamics, plus advanced courses in either electricity and magnetism or quantum mechanics. By the end of third-year, students have completed two full laboratory courses, and are well prepared to take their places at the workbench.

Our students are well-versed in mathematics through courses in calculus, differential equations, and linear algebra. They also gain experience in presentation delivery and are exposed to seminars the most current findings and techniques through access to our Seminar Course, in which students from all three years of the programs meet together once a week.

Our students have interned primarily in the research and development, and manufacturing and production industries.

Leverage Our Students' Technical Skills

Product quality control
Characterisation of butyl-based polymers
Understand rheological analysis
Assist in maintaining polymer testing equipment
Perform statistical analysis
 Geophysical instrument operation
Report research and writing; students have also assisted in the preparation of scholarly journal articles