Statistical Sciences, Actuarial Sciences & Data Analytics

Western’s program provides students with a wide breadth of knowledge. Our students are required to complete at least one Arts, one Social Science credit, and two full essay credits.

Our programs are accredited by the Canadian Institute of Actuaries (CIA), which allows students to apply to the CIA for exemptions from some of the actuarial exams.

Western has the prestigious Centers of Actuarial Excellence (CAE) designation from the Society of Actuaries (SOA).

Students involved in the study of statistical and actuarial sciences possess computing skills in various statistical packages and have been introduced to data analysis, probability, elementary modelling, regression, and experimental design.

Data Science

Western has recently launched a new undergraduate program in data science! Data science refers to the development and application of methodologies for inspecting, cleaning, managing, transform, visualizing and modelling data with a view to discovering useful information, reaching conclusions and supporting decision-making. Data science is inherently interdisciplinary, with the two dominant disciplines being computer science and statistical science.

Interns can efficiently generate and analyze digital information for a broad range of industries including the airline and auto industry, banks and financial institutions, insurance companies, health care and medical research, and marketing firms.

Financial Modelling

Western’s program emphasizes the mathematical, statistical and computational aspects of financial modelling. Students learn how sophisticated mathematical models are used to support investment decisions, to develop and price new securities, or to manage risk.

Our students have applied their skills in business analysis and business operations roles in the banking and technology industries. Financial modelling graduates go onto careers pricing and hedging of portfolios of stocks, bonds, and their derivative securities as well as in the analysis and quantification of financial risk in large financial institutions.

Our students have interned for a broad range of companies such as Manulife, Sun Life, AON Hewit and London Life. 

Leverage Our Students' Technical Skills

Competency in Excel and AXIS to perform actuarial valuations
Preparation of costings and projections
Draft pension plan documents
Conduct financial data modelling and risk management assessments
Participate in asset liability management and corporate actuarial oversightt