Western Data Science Solutions

You can seek advice from statistical consultants all year long, including during the summer months.

We can assist with projects small and large, from answering your statistics questions to collaborative research analyses.

Our clients have included students and researchers across campus at the Ivey School of Business, Kinesiology, Health Sciences, Economics, Biology, Social Sciences, and more. We have also served private businesses and clients outside the university community.

We offer three core services:

The Help Desk – Have your statistics, analysis, or experimental design questions answered. Free for the Western community.

Analysis Service – Providing statistical consultation and data analysis service for a fee or establishing research collaborations with graduate students or faculty of the Department of Statistics and Actuarial Sciences.

Workshops – currently offering R workshops throughout the year. Customized workshops can also be arranged.

For additional services, requests, or suggestions, please contact us.

These services are brought to you by the Department of Statistical and Actuarial Sciences in cooperation with Western Libraries, and supported by Western University through targeted funding to the Faculty of Science.