Master's Program


(a) Candidates with an Honors Bachelor's degree or equivalent with sufficient background in Statistical and Actuarial Sciences are eligible to apply for admission to the Statistics MSc program. Acceptance into the program is authorized by Western University's School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (SGPS).

(b) A domestic candidate with a General Bachelor's degree will be required to apply to the Undergraduate Program in the Faculty of Science as a special student and to complete satisfactorily a minimum of five undergraduate honors Statistical and Actuarial Sciences, Mathematics, and/or Applied Mathematics courses. Upon successful completion of these courses, the student may then apply to the Statistics M.Sc. program in order to be considered for admission. 

(c) There is a standard university-wide application fee.

(d) All application materials should be written personally by the applicant. 

Program Requirements:

The M.Sc. program is project based.  Students in the Statistics M.Sc. program are required to take a specified number of courses* according to the field and curriculum plan. These courses are usually scheduled during the fall and winter terms. During the summer term, students will complete their Masters' research projects in their corresponding fields. Students are required to participate in MSc. Day and complete a project report.

Students are expected to complete their MSc program in three terms. A second year of Masters' study, with thesis, is available. Those interested shall discuss this option with supervisor and graduate chair during the winter term of the project-based MSc program.

*For the purpose of this document, "course" literally means "half-course" which refers to a class which takes one term to complete. Prospective students wishing to receive credit for previously completed courses must request permission with their initial application to the program.

Program Fields:

There are three fields of study in the Statistics MSc program at the University of Western Ontario:

 The Department also participates in a Collaborative Programs.

A thesis option is also available for each field as well as for the collaborative program.  Normally students will not be admitted directly into this option.  Rather, students will be admitted first into a project-based program and invited to consider a thesis after they have completed a number of graduate courses.

Progression Requirements:

A student must maintain a "B" average (70%+) in each term to continue in the program with no grade less than 60%. If a student fails a course (obtains less than 60%) he or she will be required to withdraw.
Please Note: In order to continue financial assistance, a student will be required to maintain a minimum of "B+" (i.e. 78%+) average. A candidate will be required to pass the poster/presentation in MSc Day.


When a Master's student is admitted, a supervisor will be assigned to advise the student on course selection and the summer project. 

M.Sc. Day:

M.Sc. Day is designed to celebrate and showcase the work done by the M.Sc. Students in a mini conference fashion. It is usually scheduled in late July or early August. Students will be notified in advance whether they will be required to give a short oral presentation, or to present a poster of their projects.

M.Sc. Day Information

Contact Information

Graduate Chair
Dr. Jiandong Ren 

Academic Program Coordinator
519-661-2098 x88252