Career Services & Internships

Career Services - Faculty of Science

The Science Career Services office provides career planning support and job search assistance to Science and BMSc students and alumni.

Services include:

  • Job-search skill development
  • Resume and cover letter review
  • Interview practice
  • General career exploration

Science Career Services also hosts visiting employers for student engagement, provides career and job search workshops, and facilitates the Science Internship Program - all with the aim of increasing student awareness of potential careers with a degree in Science. Be sure to listen to Western Science undergraduates speak about their experiences with the Science Internship Program. 

Now is the time to start thinking about your first steps on your chosen career path, be sure to explore the many doors that your Science degree will open in our industry exploration section.


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Internship Opportunities

The Science Internship Program is a cooperative education opportunity for undergraduate Science/Basic Medical Science students.

The program will facilitate paid and career-related placements for qualified students who will work full-time for 8 to 16 months, following the third year of study.

As with a traditional co-op degree, graduation is delayed by one year while the student acquires marketable skills and work experience.


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Exchange Program

Western International - The World Awaits!

International exchange programs at Western give you the opportunity to study at more than 100 different institutions in over 35 countries around the world.

Benefits of Going on Exchange

  • Gain global perspective
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Expand your knowledge
  • Immerse yourself in a different culture
  • Build intercultural awareness
  • Meet friends from around the world

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Western Connect Job Board

Western Connect Job Board

  • Student jobs (on-campus and off-campus)
  • Summer employment 
  • Post-graduation employement

After Graduation

Potential Areas of Employment for Graduates

Job rankings:

2015 2017 2019 2021
Actuary #1 #11 #10 #9
Statistician #4 #1 #2 #3
Data Scientist #6 #5 #1 #1
Financial Analyst NA #30 NA NA 

Actuarial Science

  • Insurance Industry – Life, Property, and Casualty Insurance Companies
  • Employee Benefits Consulting – particularly Retirement (Pension) and Group Benefits Consulting
  • Other Financial Institutions – such as Investment firms, Banks, and Trust Companies
  • Government – this work may involve supporting the ongoing analysis of the various government social security programs and any related financial modelling, including looking at demographic trends and implications
  • Education – Research and/or teaching
  • Several other areas – including actuarial recruiting for the forensic sciences and employers in the Environmental Analysis sector, as well as other employers looking for expertise in financial modelling and/or risk management
Companies from the above sectors come to our campus annually to recruit students from our actuarial science programs. Opportunities exist both in Canada and abroad, particularly in the U.S. Recently, there has been increased interest in recruiters from the U.S. who, in addition to Canadian employers, are now very actively recruiting our students. Websites of interest are, as well as the Canadian Institute of Actuaries website ( and the Society of Actuaries website (

Data Science

  • Banks, Insurance Companies, Investment Firms and other Financial Institutions
  • Health Care and Medical Research Firms
  • Marketing Firms
  • Sports Agencies
  • Tech Companies and numerous other industries


  • Government – both at the federal (Statistics Canada and Health Welfare) and provincial levels
  • Public and Private Statistical Consulting firms
  • Biostatistical and Pharmaceutical fields
  • Various sectors of the Financial Industry – including banks, investment firms and insurance companies. Students with Statistics degrees may be hired for several different types of roles, including marketing research and analysis. Recently, several have been recruited for opportunities in the financial modelling area
  • Public and Private Industry – employment opportunities exist for those wishing to specialize in areas such as qualify control and/or operations research areas. Potential employers here would include well known firms such as 3M,GM, Bell, and IBM, amongst others.
  • Education and other areas – include Research and/or teaching, as well as employers looking for expertise in financial modelling and/or risk management
Several companies from the above sectors, including Statistics Canada, come to our campus annually to recruit students from our respective statistical science programs. Opportunities exist both in Canada and abroad, particularly in the U.S. The Statistical Society of Canada (SSC) posts job opportunities in the statistical field on their website at  Students possessing an Honors degree in Statistics will be well prepared to continue their education at the Master’s level.

Financial Modelling

  • Banks – Analyst in Currencies and Commodities, Investments, Risk Management, Securities
  • Brokerage Firms
  • Education – Research and/or teaching
  • Pension Fund Management Companies
  • Insurance Firms
This program is designed for people who wish to combine a solid quantitative grounding, chiefly in applied mathematics and in statistical sciences but with a bit of actuarial science as well, with a view to apply this quantitative grounding in a business career. As well as receiving a good quantitative and business-friendly education, graduates of this program will be very well prepared for Master's programs in business administration or in quantitative finance. We also strongly encourage those entering this program to explore the possibility of combining it with an HBA in a five year B.Sc-HBA concurrent degree.