Research Areas

Actuarial Sciences: Insurance, longevity risk, multi-state models, ruin theory, risk theory, reliability theory. 

Broadly speaking, this is the mathematics behind the insurance industry. Actuaries calculate the correct amount of premium to charge for life, car, or other forms of insurance and how to manage the risks inherent in managing an insurance company.  

Financial Modellingoptions pricing, financial econometrics, stochastic processes, interest rate models, portfolio theory, energy finance, regulatory risk, credit risk. 

This discipline studies the risk inherent in the financial markets in a rigorous mathematical way. Tools used range from numerical solution of partial differential equations to advanced methods in stochastic processes.  

Statistics: operations research for health care, spatial statistics, spatial envirometrics, forest fire modeling, mark recapture models, history of statistics, survey sampling, statistical software, statistical computing, time series analysis, stochastic processes, inference, lifetime data analysis, biostatistics.

Statistics is the science and art of the interpretation and understanding of data in a rigorous way through mathematical models and probability theory, the science of chance. Modern data analytic methods rely heavily on computing.

Faculty Research