January 4, 2024: New research theme will tackle smart cities and communities

Image source:  Stuart Frisby via Unsplash.

Smart City and Artificial Intelligence technologies are transforming our cities.  How do we ensure that these technologies are efficient and also secure?  Innovative and ethical?  Beginning in January 2024, a new research theme will tackle this complex topic.

The theme will be lead by Ayan Sadhu (Civil and Environmental Engineering) along with Western Fellows Abdallah Shami (Electrical and Computing Engineering) and Anabel Quan-Haase (Faculty of Media and Information Studies, Department of Sociology).

Joining the team are visiting researchers, Katharine Willis (University of Plymouth) and Jalel Ben-Othman (Université Paris). 

On Tuesday, January 16, Visiting Fellow Katharine Willis will host AI, Data, and the City, a workshop in which participants will explore how data-driven approaches to city planning may encourage different modes of citizenship or governance.  More details about this event to come.